Issue 40 Summer 2016

Contents – read the magazine here

  • Heavy Horse Make Light Work
  • Road Kill Cuisine – Rose Prince on collecting and cooking a plentiful harvest
  • Babes in the Wood – Welsh pigs are part of the forestry plan at Esgair Timber
  • Dealing with Deer
  • An Awfully Big Woodland Adventure – Will St Clair follows Mike Abbott to a new living in Brookhouse Wood
  • Starting a new wood fair (it’s easy)
  • Goldengrove Unleaving – ivy blight
  • Dangerous Dads=Muddy Kids and Positive Parents
  • Woodland Retreats
  • Fighting for our Forests
  • Room for all on the Rotherfield Bench
  • The Sound of Axes
  • Metamorphic Ticks and Lyme Disease
  • Review: Truncator 4Fold
  • Book Review: A Home in the Wilderness


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