Issue 46 Winter 2017

Sit back and read our ideas for winter work

  • Winter Time – Ben Law on the busy season at Prickly Nut Wood
  • Bare bud tree ID
  • Time of Renewal – Rod Waterfield offers woodland winter management advice
  • Forest bathing – finding myself in the woods
  • Woodlands Awards 2017
  • The road less travelled – Alex Walshaw’s path to green woodworking
  • Tale of a true woodsman – remembering Rob Sowter
  • Sully’s Trees – Terry Brown uncovers a rich arboreal legacy in France
  • Review: the Dolmar 5105 chainsaw
  • Chainsaw sharpening – blunt advice on safety
  • Ready for trouble – Carlton Boyce made a woodland trauma kit
  • Seeing the future – Daniel Patrick has plans for Tanat Valley Firewood
  • Bending to her will – Candy Sheridan learns steam bending
  • Book excerpt – Oak, Ash and Thorn by Peter Fiennes
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Issue 45 Autumn 2017

Forage through the pages of the autumn Living Woods Magazine for some autumnal gems

  • Can you plant a woodland? Professor Julian Evans tells us how
  • Planting for immortality – the Heart of England Forest
  • Putting your woodland on the map – make the OS take notice
  • Scotland’s lost coppice
  • Haunting Celtic rainforests
  • Give and learn – woodland volunteering
  • The Great Storm 30 years on – regeneration at Knole
  • Burning passion – the Bulworthy Project is built on charcoal
  • Woodland weddings
  • Review: Peter Lanyon’s folding shave horse
  • Value Judgement – top tools for rock bottom prices
  • Out of the woods – the Cart Shed helps mental health sufferers
  • Review: Sorby ProEdge Sharpener


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Issue 44 Summer 2017

Summer is upon us. Enjoy the long, light days. And let us know what you think. Read the whole issue here.

  • Your Own Woodland: The Adventure Begins
  • View Through the Trees By new owner Julia Goodfellow-Smith
  • The Owners Speak – four experienced woodland owners’ advice
  • You Just Bought a Wood! Now what? Toby Allen gets you started
  • Essential Kit: time to shop
  • The Right Chainsaw for the Job Crispin Rogers on power-to-weight ratios
  • Space Invaders Not all plants are welcome here
  • Book excerpt: Spon – Barn the Spoon’s first book
  • The Woodcutter, His Wife, Their New Life Daniel Patrick on splitting and cleaving
  • The Long View Artists Rob and Harriet Fraser and Cumbria’s special trees
  • Great Woodland Bake Out with the Svante Freden Reflector Oven
  • Crowning Glory George Smith makes a chair at the Windsor Workshop
  • A Moving Experience Carlton Boyce on mechanical extractors
  • Swill Times Ahead Wilson Irving boils and rives
  • Book review: Green Wood Stools by Alison Ospina
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Issue 43 Spring 2017

Celebrate spring with the Building Issue – read it all here

  • We look at construction of all sorts, from woodland shelters to canoes.
  • There’s an interview with the volunteer arborist rescue team, DART who bring relief to disaster-hit communities around the world
  • We launch the new Woodlands Awards, which celebrate best practice in woodland culture.

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Issue 42 Winter 2016

Contents – read the magazine here

  • Tree Health Survey
  • Brookhouse Wood by Will St Clair
  • Ancient Woodland
  • Marriage Contract
  • The Extraordinary Tree
  • Ban the Screen
  • Business Opportunity
  • Sharing Traditions
  • Now the Trees Can Speak
  • Woodland Gifts for Under the Tree
  • Old Saws and Two Wise Men
  • Review: Rotatech Chainsaw Chains
  • Got It Covered
  • Review: Samurai C-330-LH and GC-330-LH Saws
  • Packing Heat
  • Review: Silky Fox Forester 3000
  • Book Review: Diego Bernasconi reviews The Wood Book
  • Letter
  • Woodnote: Ode to the Saw
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Issue 41 Autumn 2016

Contents – read the magazine here

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Issue 40 Summer 2016

Contents – read the magazine here

  • Heavy Horse Make Light Work
  • Road Kill Cuisine – Rose Prince on collecting and cooking a plentiful harvest
  • Babes in the Wood – Welsh pigs are part of the forestry plan at Esgair Timber
  • Dealing with Deer
  • An Awfully Big Woodland Adventure – Will St Clair follows Mike Abbott to a new living in Brookhouse Wood
  • Starting a new wood fair (it’s easy)
  • Goldengrove Unleaving – ivy blight
  • Dangerous Dads=Muddy Kids and Positive Parents
  • Woodland Retreats
  • Fighting for our Forests
  • Room for all on the Rotherfield Bench
  • The Sound of Axes
  • Metamorphic Ticks and Lyme Disease
  • Review: Truncator 4Fold
  • Book Review: A Home in the Wilderness


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Issue 39 Spring 2015

Contents – read the magazine here

  • Norwegian Woodsman – Lars Mytting telles Nancy Wood about tools, wood and life
  • Why you should give your child an axe (and how to do it safely)
  • Capital Cuts – rescuing London’s fallen trees
  • New life in the heart of the forest – reviving Tortworth Arboretum
  • Flood Plans – Natural Flood Risk Management gains ground
  • After the deluge – what’s next for your flooded woodland
  • Glorious trees – photographer Tim Graham has a passion
  • Chainsaw Care Checklist
  • Leafy Shoots – shooting a music video in your woodland
  • From log to modulog
  • Book Review: Norwegian Wood
  • Home Alone – Nick Gibbs report from Le Shack



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