Support Hillyfield

Hillyfield Woodland Farm in Devon, situated within Dartmoor National Park, is an outstanding example of successful small woodland management in action. Read more ›

Red squirrels return to the Highlands

Woodland owners and managers rarely have a good word to say about grey squirrels, but it’s a different matter for native red squirrels.

Trees for Life has launched an appeal to raise £22,000 to ensure a better future for red squirrels in the Highlands of Scotland. Read more ›

British Woodland Survey 2017

The Sylva Foundation has published the British Woodlands Survey 2017 report, an extensive and comprehensive survey of woodland owners and managers. Sylva explored what is important to woodland owners, how and why they manage their woods, how they rate the support they receive from various agencies, attitudes to pests and pathogens, to tree planting, and to perceptions of woodland throughout society. Read more ›

Living Woods moves online

From March 2018 Living Woods Magazine will be available free to download from our website.

Existing subscribers will be subscribed freely and automatically to the online magazine and we hope you will continue to enjoy the unique mix of woodland features, tips, reviews and news. Read more ›